Marin Water Bottle

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Keep your bottle cage full and your thirst quenched with this 500ml Biobased Marin water bottle.

What is biobased?

“Traditionally, the plastic (polyethylene) used for packaging and bottles is made from petroleum. For that purpose, that petroleum is successively refined into naphtha and cracked into ethylene. The production of petroleum and processing into plastic costs energy, is sensitive to environmental pollution and produces a lot of carbon dioxide. The latter contributes to the greenhouse effect and global warming. You can also use ethanol to produce ethylene. This raw material arises, for example, when you allow agricultural products such as sugar cane. You can make plastic from that ethanol, it has exactly the same composition and quality as plastic made from petroleum. Durable, not degradable in nature, but excellent to recycle! The big advantage of biobased plastic compared to traditional plastic is that it produces significantly less carbon dioxide (CO2). In fact, an important producer claims that if you include the cultivation of sugar cane, the production of 1 tonne of biobased plastic less than twice the weight of CO2 from the atmosphere.” We believe that if you want to contributing to a better environment, you can opt for a biobased bottle!